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World's Finest Outdoor Rocker 3 PIECE SET - Natural

World's Finest Outdoor Rocker - Natural Oil

Frontera Furniture
Item #FF-713.1.0

Quick Overview

This exclusive rocking chair is highly sought-after and sells out very quickly (despite our best efforts to keep up with demand!)

Handcrafted in Europe, this is is the World's Finest all-weather outdoor rocking chair, and our largest and most comfortable. Made from a premium solid hardwood, this outdoor rocking chair has every feature of luxury, style, and durability.

  • 37 pounds of all-weather premium robinia wood
  • Outdoor rocking chair has excellent balance points
  • Double contoured seat
  • Front-capped seat slats
  • Side cap covers side view of seat slats
  • Contoured headrest and back slats
  • Tall, double headrest
  • Thick posts, dowels and runners
  • Wide 4" arms
  • 34"d, 27"w, 48"h
  • Seat is 18.5" at it's narrowest and 19.5" at it's widest
  • Some assembly required (see below for details)
  • Matching table and footstool available




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Overall Dimensions: 34"d, 27"w, 48"h. Seat: 20.06” wide x 18.56” deep, Seat to top of headrest: 33"
Weight: 40 lbs.

Materials: Solid Premium Robinia Hardwood

In stock and ready to ship

For many years our customers have known this chair as The Independence Rocking Chair and we have always touted it as being superior to all other rockers. To help our customers in choosing their perfect rocking chair, we feel that the name The World's Finest Rocker just makes the process that much more clear.

This is our largest and most comfortable rocker and our flagship model. Made from durable Acacia, a truly weatherproof wood, this outdoor rocking chair has every feature of luxury, style, and durability. Each rocker is preassembled at the factory to ensure quality control and a perfect fit, then partially disassembled and carefully packaged for safe shipping.

Is this a gift or commemorating a special occasion? Add a solid brass engraved plaque to your order. The plaque comes complete with brass screws, measures 2" by 5", and will accommodate a maximum of three lines, 20 characters per line. Our customer service team will contact you via email to obtain your custom messaging and ensure that the plaque is produced to your exact specifications. Please note: brass plaque will ship separately from your furniture and may take 10-15 business days for receipt. Due to the custom nature of this item, plaques may not be returned.

Note: This item ships partially-assembled. Our flat packaging is carefully designed to meet all UPS and Fedex Ground Shipping guidelines, resulting in very few shipping damage issues and much lower shipping costs, enabling us to offer our products at great value prices. Assembly is easy and requires a few common household tools. Watch our rocking chair assembly video.

View More Details On This Quality Outdoor Rocking Chair

This outdoor rocking chair has been engineered for outdoor use at every step: the robinia wood has been 100% kiln-dried, all hardware is exterior grade, glue is non-water soluble, slats are cut to shape; not bent, and all construction is mortise and tenon.

This outdoor rocking chair is warranted by the manufacturer against manufacturing defects for three years from date of purchase.

Assemble The World's Finest Rocker

Why We Won't Sell You A $99 Rocker
About Brazilian Cherry

Our Outdoor Rocking Chairs are designed for comfort, and built to last. Here are some of the features you won’t find in outdoor rocking chairs available at superstores.

Angle of Incline
Only the best rocking chairs are geometrically designed to take the weight off of your spine for the ultimate in comfort

Full Adult Size
Most retail rockers are actually shrunk down to save on costs. You’ll be amazed how much more comfortable our adult sized outdoor rocking chairs are.

Joinery Techniques
We use Mortise and Tenon joinery with weatherproof glue and top quality hardware reinforcements in high stress joints

Made from genuine Brazilian Cherry, our outdoor rockers look great indoors or out, and will last for many, many years

Non-Splintering Wood
Brazilian Cherry is harder and more stable than Teak– not to mention less expensive!

Contoured Seat Slats
Your body will thank you when you relax into one of our outdoor rocking chairs with contoured seat slats

Our outdoor rockers weigh between 37 and 50 pounds– a sure sign of quality construction

How to Find the Perfect Rocking Chair

By Harvin C. Moore

I opened up a store in 1992 in Houston and sold the rockers we made in a little factory in rural Texas. My idea was to design the perfect rocking chair, and then make lots of them, and sell them at a reasonable price. The more I got to know my competition, the less afraid of them I became. It seemed that everyone that made rocking chairs did so because there was a market for them – but nobody seemed to be listening to the customer – it seemed like no one was taking the time to get everything just right; the way you would if you really had passion, and were committed to making a chair for yourself or for someone very special to you. So that’s what I did.

Since that time I have sold tens of thousands of rocking chairs – not just made in that factory, but later made in other factories under contract to me, with a few improvements made to the design every few yearsAt last count, my rockers are in 41 countries around the globe, adding just a little special spot in each place they occupy.

So what makes the perfect rocking chair? I would say the key factors are comfort and strength. Comfort is what we’re seeking, but of course strength is about assuring that the comfort will last.


Comfort means a lot of things to a lot of people, but I can tell you after 16 years of selling rockers to thousands of discerning customers, there are some key aspects of comfort almost everyone can agree on, and which will help you find the perfect chair:

1. Angle of incline. 

2. Contoured Seat and back

3. Full Adult Size. 

4. Heavy weight. 

5. Wide Arms. 

6. Non splintering wood. 

7. Seat Slat Guard. 

8. A footstool. 


1. Weatherproof. Any chair that is going to be used outside, even on a covered porch, should be weatherproof if you expect it last more than a few years. The three enemies of furniture are humidity, water, and sunlight.

2. Wood type.  Teak and Brazilian Cherry are two of the most suitable weatherproof woods for furniture. Both are more expensive than non-weatherproof woods, but they are worth it because they last. Brazilian Cherry has a distinct advantage over teak in that it, unlike teak, is a paintable weatherproof wood, and is actually a bit harder and more stable. Brazilian Cherry is also more sustainable than teak, taking only 30 years to reach maturity vs. the 60 plus years for teak. 

3. Thickness of parts.  Many of the factors that create a great rocker also create weight – like a dense quality hardwood, thick posts and slats, full adult size, and the other things we’ve talked about. Though weight doesn’t necessarily indicate quality, you should beware a lightweight rocker.

4. Quality Construction Techniques. Rocking chairs take a huge amount of stress and have to be engineered more carefully than any other type of furniture, or they will loosen or break. Few chairs can hold up to years of use unless they are made of a very dense wood, and built with serious attention to quality joinery techniques.


Well, we’ve talked a lot about what makes a great rocking chair. Like most things in life, the answer is not simple, but there is a great reward from knowing your way as you compare rockers in order to become confident that you will have the best there is. As you shop, observe the characteristics I mention above, and sit in every chair with those characteristics in mind as you narrow down your choices.

After fifteen years in my quest to create the perfect rocker, I made what I believe is my magnum opus. After many years, I still have not found even one thing I would change to improve it – and that has never happened before - it’s a great feeling. People who buy it tell me they’ve never been in a better rocker. They buy one or two and then come back for more, and start giving them to friends and family for special occasions. Hotels are choosing this chair above the others we offer. I originally called the chair "The Independence Rocker", and we have maintained that this is truly the world’s finest. So after much prompting from friends, family, customers, and our team here at Frontera, we have decided to rename our flagship rocker “The World’s Finest Outdoor Rocker”.

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