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World's Finest Rocker Case Studies

Weatherproof Rockers | Commercial Sales 

Frontera Furniture Company has been designing, manufacturing, and selling premium weatherproof rocking chairs for more than 22 years, and our rockers are found in high-end resorts, hotels, restaurants, lodges, airports, camps, cabins, and gardens in more than forty countries worldwide. These resorts and hospitality professionals chose Frontera rockers because they are without a doubt the finest quality and most durable and comfortable weatherproof rocking chairs available anywhere.

Frontera has made the development of the perfect rocking chair its greatest goal and achievement, and our World's Finest Rocker is our magnum opus. That's not to say we won't find another improvement or two in future years, but as you will learn upon sitting in one, there is no rocker closer to perfection than this one.

We want you to understand what makes a perfect rocking chair, and how to know the differences between chairs that are bad, good, and downright sublime. For this reason we invite you to read"How to Find A Perfect Rocking Chair", written by our founder, Harvin C. Moore.

We also want you to get a feel for some of the varied places our rockers are located. Our clients have found that a superb rocking chair can help create exactly the ambience you are seeking if you operate a premium resort or other location where the relaxation and happiness of your customers is important. Everyone has a special place in their heart for a rocking chair - rocking chairs are iconic and they say "welcome, relax and have a seat." And a truly great rocking chair goes further than that - it takes the weight off your customers' feet and back, it provides a wonderful place to rest, read, or visit, and it warms up whatever room it is in. Lodges and camps frequently place our rockers at entrances, porches, and firesides to create the calm and welcoming atmosphere they seek. Corporate and church retreats have found that Frontera rockers help put harried overworked people into the right frame of mind to enjoy their retreat. Restaurants have placed multiple rockers in their waiting areas and seen bar tabs increase as customers actually savor the waiting time for a table. Hotels often place our rockers on porches of their rooms and cabins to turn a nondescript porch into an outdoor room, and a value-added location that guests savor and remember - they report that guests ask for rooms with rockers when making later reservations. And airports have begun to purchase our rockers to create a kinder and gentler atmosphere that has become all too rare in this day of security worries and long lines.World's Finest Outdoor Rocking Chair

So whatever the characteristics of your location, consider the significant positive benefits of adding "the perfect rocking chair" to your location. Call us toll-free anytime to discuss how we can help you in your setting. If we are unable to talk when you call, leave your number or email us at [email protected] for friendly customer service.

Other Selected Installations of Frontera Rocking Chairs

Hershey Hotel Cottages, Hershey, PA

Camp Harbor View, Boston MA

Holiday Inn City Centre, Dublin Ireland

Wild Dunes Resort, Isle of Palms SC

Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia PA

Rio Ranch Restaurant, Houston TX

Camp Allen, Navasota TX

Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville NC

Mount Laurel Library, Mount Laurel NJ

The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV

Beaufort House, Killarney Ireland

The Porches Inn, North Adams MA

University of Virginia Mountain Lake Biological Station Cabins, Mountain Lake VA

Camp Namanu, Sandy OR

Case Study - The Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville NC  Read about how the popular Kanuga Conference Center utilized Frontera rockers for its facility.


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